Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is Wii the new Dreamcast?

Sega traditionally has always been considered the more artistic video game company, particularly during the era of the Dreamcast. Some amazingly unique games came out for the system (Space Channel 5, anyone?) that are fondly remembered by gamers today. Unfortunately for Sega, their timing was just wrong and no one was receptive to the creativity that seems to be making a comeback today.

Sega has quietly announced that the cult hit, Samba De Amigo, is making a proud return on Wii. No dates have been announced, but I'm glad that for once Sega is taking a leaf out of my book and doing what the console was intended for. What's of note here is that SdA is joining another revived cult hit, Nights into Dreams, on the little console.  Rumors are also circulating that a new Space Channel 5 is also in development as well.  This begs the question - is Wii going to be the new, successful Dreamcast? Are Sega's creative juices going to flow again thanks to wide acceptance and a control scheme as unique as a pair of maracas? Only time will tell but I bet that some seriously unique games are going to be breaking TV screens from rogue Wiimotes.

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Radix said...

I guess it's just a sad day when Sega will only be creative once a system has sold 10 million units.