Friday, April 11, 2008

Me and my PSP

The PSP and I have had a rocky relationship over the years. I was right there in line at launch day and got mine, but I was trading it back in and repenting for getting rid of my DS within a month. It just seemed all the cool demos and promises weren't there when Sony had promised me they would. Software also wasn't that great. A few months later I again purchased a PSP in the vain hopes something better had come along - but nothing doing. Again it went back into the trade bin. Nearly two years later and I'm again faced with a PSP decision, mostly on the grounds of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game and all the great mods the system supports. So today I'm going to head down to Best Buy and check out the possibilities for my purchase. Patapon certainly looks interesting, as does Crisis Core, but I'm likely to keep it simple for now and use the PSP more as a media device until my money works out more in favor of PSP software. I just worry I may end up regretting my purchase...again. My DS took a fat crap on the R button and I'm not forking $90 to Nintendo for a new unit, so I think now may be the time to check out the smaller PSP-shaped gorilla.

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