Monday, June 9, 2008

A Letter to WoW Addicts

I have a saying - you're gay, straight, or WoW. I do not like World of Warcraft at all. Even the abbreviation WoW bothers me. There's nothing "Wow" about the game in my opinion. I thoroughly oppose this total crap with a fiery vengeance. How can I say this? How can I offend the mighty Blizzard gods? Frankly, I don't care if I offend the gods of Blizzard.

If you're a fan of the game and don't fall into this definition by all means skip down to the next entry. This is not about you. This entry is about the folk that do nothing but eat, sleep, and WoW. The ones that schedule their life around WoW and delay actual physical activities in the name of a raid. I'd like to deliver breaking news to you - there is life outside of the computer. You can go out there and see actual things that you can touch and feel and hold. You cannot pay credit cards with gold or maintain good health. Your level one billion sword of awesome? It isn't real. You have achieved nothing. Turn off the computer and go outside. See the burning ball of gas commonly called "The Sun". One day your game will end and you'll realize you've wasted so much time and money doing nothing. Leave the WoW, come back to real life. Use the internet for what it is meant for (it isn't Night Elf porn). Email your friends, tell them you've recovered. Start WoW anonymous. Someone misses you.

Much Love,
-Digital Stardust

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Firebreath said...

But isn't blaming only WoW a tad hypocritical?
I mean, I'm a WoW casual player. I play once in every while, when there's nothing else to do or when every one of my friend's busy. Heck, I spend less time in WoW than at my friends' place per week.

But, really, is WoW the only entity out there deserving of such a letter?
What about those Multiplayer Halo junkies?
Or the CS-addicts?
Or the TF2-heads?

The list goes on...
And it's not just the computer - it's consoles as well.
Hell, I was mad at my now-ex because he spent more time playing video games than trying to interact with me and he BARELY touched WoW.

I think your letter should be broader - I think it should be "gamers anonymous".