Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hot Game: Super Mario Galaxy

The point of DiS is NOT to replicate IGN or Gamespot. No sir, the main point is to share opinion and commentary on the industry. That being said, I still maintain a soft spot for exceptionally high profile games or games that aren't normally available in the rest of the world except Japan. 

Today I would like to alert you to the exceptionally high profile Super Mario Galaxy. I didn't follow much about this game after the exceptionally poor Super Mario Sunshine, presuming that Nintendo would take a crappy formula and do it again. Mario is known for JUMPING, not playing with some piece of shit jetpack. Yeah, I said it - FLUDD sucked. I digress - Galaxy is NOT Sunshine. It is as far from Sunshine as you can get. 

I played the game a few weeks ago as a one-off demo trial at GameStop and within 5 minutes knew it was going to be the new Mario 64. I did not get that impression at all from SMS. Now that I have the full retail version of SMG I can confirm that Galaxy is definitely the new Mario 64 and is worth every penny. It lives up to the hype. Go get it. Now.


Radix said...

Did you honestly think Sunshine was that bad? I never understood any criticism of that game... I loved it and enjoyed it just like Galaxy and 64. I have to admit it has a great deal of flaws, but it's still just as fun in the platforming department.

Tugs said...

Sunshine was fun for a little while but really, it messed with the Mario formula too much. It doesn't bode well to so heavily alter a character's jumping ability when their staple IS jumping. The other half of it was that Sunshine did have some rewarding moments but that was only after trudging through too much uninspired game content.