Friday, December 7, 2007

Cruis'n with the Fast and the Furious

And now I shoot my blog's credibility in the foot.

Every gamer has their guilty pleasure - some game that somehow is considered terrible but they love and are a sucker for. Mine? Besides Space Channel 5...I love the Cruis'n franchise. USA was good, World was the best, Exotica sucked. Now comes Cruis'n for Wii.

Cruis'n for Wii is not a great game. The production values are extremely low. The game is a quick Wii port of The Fast and the Furious from the arcade with a Cruis'n label slapped on. It's $29.99 at retail. Don't expect great things.

Is it fun? Oh hell yes. It's classic the Cruis'n cheese that I love. Random objects in the way that explode without reason, mad car tricks, nitros, girls with fake boobs handing you trophies, and the screams of "watch out!" are all here. Even better - the cars are all licensed! Your Firebird is now going to be doing barrell rolls. Sometimes "crappy" is fun, too.

So should you get it? That depends - set your expectations low. This game is like playing a great B-rated movie (any game that has a course called "China Town X" has it going for them). If you're a fan of the series or just enjoy EXTREMELY whacked out arcade physics in your racing games, Cruis'n is your best best.

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Russell said...

Mulholland Drive

Jefferson Pennyworth said...

Lol... good old cheesy video games. Someone will probably want to hang me for saying this, but we don't get enough simple/cheesy games anymore.

The emphasis seems to be on 3D ultimate good graphics. I miss sweet side-scrollers and stuff like that. These cheesy games make me laugh.

Long story short, I like a lot of oldschool games.

landis-mclovin said...

I liked cruis'n alot to. I would probaly pick this game up after it hits like ten bucks. Thats really all its worth. Even though i loved the old ones. I would probaly play this for a day or so then put it up in my bin only to touch it once ever five or six months if that.