Sunday, December 23, 2007

DiS Expansion

In celebration of the holidays I have looked to try to expand the content on my little blog as it continues its trek to internet infamy. As I close out the year I'm pleased to make the following announcements:

New Writer. Le gasp you say! "Isn't this supposed to be your blog?" To that I say "Yes, dummy. It is." Now that I'm done alienating my last 2 readers I'll get back to being serious. It is very hard to find someone who can understand your vision on projects and when you find one you should run with it. I'm pleased to announce that Luna will be joining DiS as a writer, sharing her unique insights and commentary on the state of the gaming industry. I've had the privilege of writing with Luna in the past during my professional writing days and believe she will bring even more insightful commentary to DiS. 

Luna brings a vast heritage of Sega fangirl-ness to DiS, as well as passion rarely seen these days in the industry. She is also a big fan of J-Pop artist Ayumi Hamasaki and maintains a site dedicated to the artist. Her significant other is her Dreamcast, with whom she loves regularly. Luna says she looks forward to being abused for producing an actual regular content stream for the blog. Look forward to a piece from her soon.

Content. Much to my disappointment I have not managed to update DiS as much as I intended. Thanks to Luna's assistance I've been able to nail down an intended update schedule that should kick in during 2008. It is my goal to produce a new piece of content on a weekly basis and one major analytical feature per month. Now that I've said this I will also say I'm still going to update when I want, but I do have a goal to work towards. Industry content sometimes runs low, you know.

Housekeeping and Reminders. The official abbreviation for this blog is DiS. The "i" is there so I'm not competing with the DS. Now you know.

This blog is not going to transform into IGN. There are plenty of news sites out there for video games. What you can expect going forward are even better analytical pieces on the game industry's trends and decisions and the occasional review of a game from a unique angle. You can also expect in-depth pieces on aspects of the industry that may be overlooked or unseen. There will be some overlap with news and reviews, but they will come from a unique angle you may not have seen.

I like comments and discussion! I just ask it happen on DiS itself instead of an RSS syndicator. Note you can use your OpenID to comment as well (LiveJournal users - you have one).

That's it! Happy Holidays! 

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