Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cheaters Caught With Their Pants Down

The ban hammer is mighty and swift. If you've been keeping up with the internet today, you may have heard Microsoft has reset the gamerscore of detected cheaters in what is possibly the most effective method of cheat crackdown, EVER. Besides having their precious gamerscore removed, they are NOT allowed to re-earn previous achievements, and their gamertag is permanently marked as a cheater. The solution? Play fair and earn square going forward. Microsoft wants you to reform.

This is one of the BEST methods ever of preventing cheaters. No one likes to be publically ridiculed and marked and often people will go to great lengths to avoid such a reputation. And it's completely fair. Social justice to the rescue! Microsoft has done something perfect, for once, and gained a lot of positive reputation as a trade. Like G4 says, if your ego is so tied up in your gamerscore, you need to get a life but the public shamings are hillarious!

1 comment:

Radix said...

Here are some things to think about:

They claim that their procedures are flawless and that there's no appeal process. So they're perfect, flawless? Doubtful.

Also, the cheater can just make a different XBL name.