Sunday, March 9, 2008

SSBB: Early Initial Impressions (Spoiler Alert!)

The following is a sum of my thoughts on the game so far.

Playtime: 90:00 min or so
Unlocks: Some pieces of music. Ness, Captain Nipples.
Curses: Messed up unlocking Marth.
Current Favorite Fighter: Pit. So fast! So quick! But no clearing move....
Current Favorite Stage: Either PictoChat or WarioWare
Current Wonders: Where's Sonic? Where's Snake? I'll get them....(please don't post how)
Neat-o! Moment: Multiple taunts! WOO! I loves me a taunt. And they used Ash's voice from the TV series? Awesome.

Overall I've got to say my intial taste of the game was pretty good. One of my first observations was how much more "realistic" and speedy the game was. SSB Melee certainly rocked, but in comparison to Brawl it now feels like Melee was in perpetual so-mo. It took some getting used to and after some play I believe my first played brawler (Pokemon Trainer) was likely a poor choice to adjust with. The realistic part occurs with gravity being a bit more constant than before and a slight toning down of the toony theme. It's not bad, it's just a change. Also, I've found the A attacks are near equally if not more effective than a signature B-attack (this is on the GameCube controller). It's like A is main course and B is spice.

Overall initial selection is good, but somewhat paltry. It's painfully obvious some serious unlocking lies ahead, but given the amount of content I keep hearing is in the game, Nintendo could have thrown out a bigger bone to start with. The game modes are also not explained very well and certainly are not explained in game. I have not explored many yet, but the few I've played are in the good ol' formula or fit right in with the rest.

The current bottom line: The game is very, very good. The initial lack of newer content and starting out with mostly updated older content is a bit dissapointing. So far I'm still interested in the game, but I'm not as critically drawn in as I would have hoped. I hope I can start to get to some meat and potatoes new content soon.

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Radix said...

Holy shit, Pit is by far the cheapest character in that game. In our play sessions we've pretty much already banned him.